Sunday, June 27, 2021



Some platforms and coordinators of pensioners, on the occasion of the videoconference "June 15, World Day of awareness against abuse and maltreatment in old age", we see very good the proposal that emerged from the debate of analysis on this harsh reality of abuse. It is a question of collecting, classifying and documenting the cases of ill-treatment that we know of, in order to prepare a dossier that serves to denounce, but above all, on a positive level, to propose to society and institutions, municipalities, provincial councils, autonomous communities, alternatives for improvement in this field of abuse and maltreatment in old age , extended to that of people in a situation of dependency.

The platforms, people or working groups that are formed in the towns, cities, counties, provinces, autonomous communities, will be coordinated through a whatsapp chat called "Complaint Abuse". A database will be created in which the following will be collected: 1. Description of the abuse or mistreatment. 2. Location of the place and time: address, locality, province, etc., time, day, month.. 3. Photos, videos if they can be made. 4. Opinion survey of people linked to abuse: affected, professionals, family members.. 5. Documents, news, research papers that are relevant to abuse. 

There is a wide variety of mistreatment, physical and mental; architectural barriers; queues to keep shifts in administrations, banks, health centers, etc.; lack of care, cleanliness, nutrition, etc., in nursing homes; abusive bank fees and lack of personal attention due to the digital divide; desperate waiting lists for consultations in health centres and hospitals; economic mistreatment by misery pensions; reverse mortgage abuse; lack of care for caregivers; loneliness and poverty; transportation; and a long etcetera. 

As we collect the data, we will see the possibilities of establishing a calendar of actions, presenting the dossier or a small book and publishing it, and handing it over to the institutions closest to the people and with responsibilities in this area. The more people and platforms we get involved in this task, the better result we get. To sign up, we need you to tell us through the email: the phone number of people, individually or collectively, who are links to their work groups or platforms, to coordinate in the chat "Report Abuse". 



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